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The MDI Bird Club is a membership of people who have identified at least 100 species of birds from Mount Desert Island (MDI), Acadia National Park, Downeast Maine, and beyond. And they have done this in one of the programs or on one of tours of The Natural History Center.

There is only one, simple rule (okay, it is more of a guideline): Birding should be fun!

Becoming a member is easy:

Submit a list of the birds you have sighted. At a minimum, your list should include:

1) The species name,

2) The date you observed the bird, and

3) Where you identified the species.

Don't worry if you lose your list, though. We keep track of the birds observed on our tours and who was in the program. And all of our sightings are entered into eBird where they are available to one and all.

To track your observations, you can use one of our checklists (available in the publications section), one of the countless lists available on-line, or create your own.

Additional written notes — e.g., numbers of individuals observed, names of other observers, photos, written notes, etc. — are welcomed, especially for species listed as rare, very rare, casual, or accidental on The Natural History Center's Checklist. If the species is not on the Checklist, further documentation and/or evidence of your observation is requested (photographs, even low quality ones, can be a perfectly adequate means of documentation).

If you lose your patch we are happy to replace it. Simply send a check or money order for $5.00, payable to "The Natural History Center," to:

MDI Bird Clug

c/o The Natural History Center
P.O. Box 6
Bar Harbor, ME 04609

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