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2015 Spring migrants, 2nd week of May....
Spring migration is ramping up. Near daily bird walks with The Natural History Center are turning up an ever-increasing number of birds, especially warblers. Outings to several local hotspots (MDI High School water treatment ponds, Sieur de Monts Spring in Acadia National Park, and the Babson Creek Preserve of Maine Coast Heritage Trust) has yielded 14 warbler species so far, including:


                Black-and-white Warbler

                Nashville Warbler

                Common Yellowthroat

                Cape May Warbler

                Northern Parula

                Magnolia Warbler

                Yellow Warbler

                Black-throated Blue Warbler

                Palm Warbler

                Pine Warbler

                Yellow-rumped Warbler

                Black-throated Green Warbler

                Canada Warbler

Snowy Owl continues!
An 09 May 2015 report of a lingering Snowy Owl atop Acadia National Park's Sargent Mountain was a surprise. Typically, these birds have left Maine to return to the Arctic by the beginning of April.
The Red-throats are coming! The Red-throats are coming!
That would be the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds! The first onese of the year for Bar Harbor were reported 05 May 2015. There is a wonderful interactive mapping program available at that shows the inexorable northward progress of hummingbirds each year. Check it out!

Want to be a Citizen Scientist? Report your sightings!

Share your observations of the natural world. They will be posted here, as well as contributing to such projects as future revisions of The Birds of Mount Desert Island. Your observations may also be published in such outlets as The Guillemot and eBird (they used to also be published in our ‘Nature Notes’ column in The Bar Harbor Times). Particularly rare or exceptional sightings will likely reach national, and even international, audiences.

What information are we looking for?

  • Your name.
  • The name of the plant or animal you are reporting.
  • The date and location of your sighting.
  • Any additional information you care to share. The more detailed the information, the more valuable it is to field biologists.

Send your sightings by email to or by mail to The Natural History Center, P.O. Box 6, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609.



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