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January 2017

23 January – Great Gray Owl continues!!!
As if Bullock's Oriole and Pink-footed Geese were not enough, a Great Gray Owl has been found frequenting the Stud Mill Road northeast of Orono (Maine). This bird was first observed 17 January by our friend John Wyatt and has been seen almost daily since! The Natural History Center hopes to make a foray to see this owl this week. If interested in joining us, please email for more information. And remember, when chasing any bird, but especially rarities, please be respectful of the bird.


06 January – Bullock's Oriole and Pink-footed Geese: YES!!!
There have been a number of rare birds around Maine this winter. A Bullock's Oriole was first observed 14 November 2016 at a Camden (Maine) feeder. And not one, but TWO Pink-footed Geese has been in Rockland (Maine) since at least the New Year. And both have been observed almost daily since! So, The Natural History Center took some Bar Harbor birders to go see these rarities.

The Bullock's Oriole, an immature, was stunning, to say the least! This bird has no earthly business being in Maine. Let alone in Maine during the winter! Except that it has wings and can fly.... Typically, Bullock's Orioles are found west of the Mississippi River and migrate to Central America.


Pink-footed Goose are a European species, nesting from Iceland through Scandinavia, including Svalbard Island. Unlike Bullock's Oriole, Pink-footed Goose turns up in Maine almost annually any more.


For more information on these two species, review the sighting history, see photos, and get directions, all on (choose the "Explore Data" tab from the top menu, then zoom in on the map to mid-coast Maine and look for the "push-pins" to pull up the reported records).


01 January – Join us on our Wednesday Winter Bird Outings!!!
This winter, The Natural History Center is offering weekly bird tours from 8:00-noon every Wednesday. We'll look for local birds, maybe a rarity or two, learn some identification tips, enjoy good camaraderie, and work toward earning our MDI Bird Club "100" patch (browse the MDI Bird Club page to learn more).


RSVP by calling (207/266-9461), emailing (, or messaging ( to sign up. $20 per person; although if money is a concern, please contact us and we will work something out.

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