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Summer & Fall 2018...

Here at The Natural History Center, we are excited to share our passion for the natural world! Summer is not even half over and we are already seeing the earliest of the autumnal migrants; namely, shorebirds. In addition to our usual private guding, we alos offer Weekly Birding Tours on many Wednesdays and Saturdays (click the 'calendar' link above to see our schedule) and Tide-pool Tours on many Tuesdays. Come back here regularly, or check in with our Facebook page, to see our ever-evolving offerings. Below is a sample of local natural history opportunities and programs:



Private-guided Tours

If you are looking to truly experience Acadia National Park, Downeast Maine, or beyond, consider a private-guided tour. We work with you to develop a tour tailored to your interests. Being a private tour, we are are on your schedule, going at your pace, with seemingly infinite latitude to modify our itinerary on a whim.


We offer private-guided tours for most any activity, be it birding, field ecology, tide-pooling, sea kayaking, hiking, bicycling the Carriage Roads of Acadia National Park, cross-country skiing, or snow-shoeing. All our tours blend a narrative of natural history set in the context of our human environment.


And for those looking for guidance, we can even help you plan your vacation to Downeast Maine and Acadia National Park. For instance, consider blending a day that includes a ferry ride, bicycling, and hiking.


For more information on our private-guided tours or vacation planning, call 207/266-9461 or email



Weekly Birding Tours

Our Weekly Birding Tours have proven a big success, a fun learning activity to one and all, are offered year-round (when we are not leading tours away, that is). May through October, we try to offer tours both Wednesday and Saturday mornings. We look for local birds, maybe a rarity or two, learn some identification tips, enjoy good camaraderie, and work toward earning our MDI Bird Club "100" patch (identify 100 species on our tours and receive a 2" embroidered patch like the one to the right; browse for details).


RSVP by calling (207/266-9461), emailing (, or messaging ( us to sign up. $40 per person. Groups capped at eight people.



Tide-pool Tuesday

There is nothing quite like the look on a kid's face (or, for that matter, an adult's) when they hold their first sea star. Or sea urchin. Or see a whelk boring into a clam. Or wade to see all manner of intertidal life. Join us for a 3-4-hour tide-pool exploration. Tours our offered when tides are right and we are not off elsewhere leading tours. Check our calendar to see if any of our offerings coincide with your visit.


RSVP by calling (207/266-9461), emailing (, or messaging ( to sign up. $40 per person. Groups capped at eight people.



Spring Arrivals & Departures Project

Do you live, work, play, or vacation on Mount Desert Island? Be a citizen scientist: help us track the arrival of spring migratory birds and the departure of our winter visitants. Download the Spring Arrivals & Departures Project worksheet and begin contributing to our understanding of the birdlife of Mount Desert Island. We would like these forms returned by the end of summer, please. Feel free to contact The Natural History Center for more information.



...And more to come!

Since 2010, The Natural History Center has been sharing our passion for the natural world. As a family-run business based out of Bar Harbor, Maine, we strive to make the natural world accessible and enjoyable by offering experiential opportunities in the field, providing the quality tools and resources you need in the field.


Join us as we search for birds both common and elusive. Take a walk in the park with our seasoned naturalists. Explore the mysteries of Maine’s tidepools. Learn about the natural and cultural heritage of Acadia National Park on a sightseeing tour following the historic Park Loop Road.


For the more adventurous, search for Peregrine Falcons or Snowy Owls as you hike or snowshoe along the summit trails of Acadia’s mountains, look for Spruce Grouse while bicycling the Carriage Trails, or find Harbor Seals from the cockpit of a sea kayak.


We will work with you to create a personalized nature experience or you can join a regularly scheduled tour. We cater our tours to your needs and interests, regardless of age or physical ability. All tours are personal and interactive with a maximum of 6 participants (of course, we are happy to accommodate larger groups and bus tours, too).


We hope you will find our passion for the natural world is contagious and see that we enjoy both sharing our local knowledge and learning from you.


And remember, every day is Bird Day!

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Was that a Snowy Owl on Sargent Mountain? Did anyone else see the Moose? Check our nature log to see what’s been seen, and add your own sightings to our message board. what did you see today?

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